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Project Darwin QOZ Fund
A Unique Investment Opportunity in One of Americas Most Storied Mines

“Voted America’s Top Opportunity Zone Project” at the Denver OZ Conference

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Darwin Mine

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Quick Startup Period

While most new mines will take 10+ years to start operations, the Darwin Mine is expected to be operating and profitable after 12 months. Water rights are secured and based on In-Situ quantifies, Darwin is expected to be generating significant Zinc and Silver revenues in year 1.

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Positive Market Momentum

The strong rebound in metals and minerals prices coupled with market demand for minerals that are fueling green technologies leads to an attractive investment opportunity. Darwin has nine minerals designated by US Department of Interior as strategic.

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Investor Optionality

Only 1/1000 of Darwin was been drilled therefore investors will have the ability to profit from all other ore's found over their investment horizon.  Newer drilling has indicated much higher deposits of silver and gold and the mine has additional profit opportunities for secure storage..

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This project is being offered as a QOZ Fund but can also accept non-capital gain investments. The project is looking to raise $66 million for 22% of the Darwin Mine at a current valuation of $300 million. Since existing mine shafts are already drilled into high grade quality Zinc and Silver beds, the start-up funds will immediately be used for new rail, ventilation, and processing mill upgrades. While most mines require ten+ years to begin operations, Darwin is expected to begin within six months of the funding. The high current demand for the easily accessible Zinc, Silver and Copper from this first phase is expected to make this project profitable year one.  The timing for this project is especially meaningful given the potential impact that Basel III could have on physical metal prices.


Expected profits are projected to fund further mining of the vast known metal deposits on this property. This mine is also known to have 9 critical minerals that are important to multiple government agencies. The demand for these minerals is expected to quadruple by the year 2040 to keep pace with the growing clean energy technologies.


This is the only independent mining project of its kind that also happens to be within an Opportunity Zone. This property has enough known materials to last for the next 100+ years. With a backdrop of inflation and expected higher taxes, this project represents an opportunity to diversify into income producing hard assets and benefit from rebounding metals prices, all while enjoying the OZ tax benefits.






Tons of Zinc

OZ of Silver

Strategic US Govt Minerals

Expected 5 Year IRR






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Darwin, CA 93522


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